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The Reggae / Ska Snare Drum

The Reggae / Ska Snare drum is built using the same 'suspended shell' system as with all other Flint drums.

The effect of this suspended shell system is to enhance resonance and create a pure singular tone, meaning that the drum can be tuned to an exact note.

As standard, this drum is supplied with Puresound snare wire.

The hoops are fully die cast aluminium and the 12 lugs are solid steel.

Because of this increased resonance, this drum is particularly suited to music genres of Reggae and Ska.

As well as an aluminium shell, this snare drum can be supplied in copper, brass and steel and is available in shell depths of 3.5", 5.5" and 7".

Review at Rhythm Magazine

MusicRadar Comments;
Rating: 5 / 5 stars!
Pros: Versatile sounds. Sharp response. Powder coated finish looks great. Good value.
Cons: Not a lot!
Verdict: A superbly designed and executed snare without a premium price tag."

We are delighted that our unique Reggae/Ska snare drum has made the list of the World's best snare drums.
(The Flint drum is featured on Page 9 of this article).

14 x 5.5 brass suspended shell with black hardware

Reggae snare

Jimmy Brown playing with UB40 using the Flint Reggae / Ska Snare at the centre of his kit.

Big Vic Oates, drummer with The 2 Tones ska band, playing his Flint snare. Vic says this is the best snare he has ever heard for ska music. He loves the total clang of this drum and says once tuned, the drum holds pitch no matter what punishment he gives it.

Brief History of the Marching Drum

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